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​​In November of 2016, I  woke up to instructions to "Write a Book".  About what?  Me?  Over the next months, the morning instructions continued guiding me to research on a variety of topics, to take classes, to become certified and of course, to start writing.  When I woke up with the vison of the book cover in my mind and found the exact print on line within half an hour, I knew I was receiving divine guidance.   Please join my email list to receive updates.  Work has already begun on "Angel Blessings - Imagine".  Send us your angel experiences for "Angel Blessings - Behold".  Share your stories on this web site.  Help everyone "believe"!  Angel Blessings to you and to the world!  ​​

AWARD WINNINGANGEL BLESSINGS - BELIEVE was published in April and by July, already received an award from American Book Fest!  The messages of the archangels is spreading.  See the Book Info tab to get your copy.

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