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​✩✩✩✩✩As an angel lover and collector, I was thrilled to read a book about Archangels. No sooner had I read about one archangel, I couldn’t wait to read about the next one. The Author wrote this in such a way that I found my faith and love for angels grow deeper and stronger with each turn of the page. I will forever cherish my angel collection with a greater appreciation of our wonderful angels. Julie Smith

✩✩✩✩✩We live in a world where people believe certainty is possible and angels an illusion. This book proves just the opposite, and I thank the author for reminding us to open our hearts and minds to the absolute angels that protect us.  The story of Angie’s journey to save earth from ourselves is beautifully told and as Angie may be fictional I know the angels that set this story in motion are real. I highly recommend this book that reminds us there is a purpose for us as we follow Angie’s journey fulfilling her purpose.  Janet Kearns  

✩✩✩✩✩A few years ago I had the privilege of meeting the author of this inspiring book, Patty Callahan. We hit it off instantly knowing that we both relied on our own guardian angels. Patty's faith and assurance in her guardian angel was so apparent to me because of her gentle, sweet personality. I know this wonderful book will bring such peace to all who have the opportunity to read it. Marie Carty

✩✩✩✩✩Your story will help readers understand views on reincarnation and the evolution of the human spirit. You book is also timely in that the world certainly does seem much darker and nearer destruction these days.  Visitor

✩✩✩✩✩In this futuristic tale, the author provides a glimpse into a word in which greed and human destruction are unchecked-a world that may not feel far off to many readers. The introduction of supernatural forces into humans’ lives allows for exciting twists and character development, and the book ends on a hopeful note, encouraging readers to envision both a better world and a peaceful afterlife.  Visitor

✩✩✩✩✩Great read ! Loved learning about the archangel's, Good job ! Thanks.  Google Play reader

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FREE SAMPLE from Angel Blessings - Believe:

Jeremiel led the way toward the beautiful light beckoning to Angie. It seemed  brighter than the sun, but it did not hurt her eyes. She felt she was traveling in a regular earthly express elevator without any walls, floor, or ceiling, but it did not frightener her.

As they broke through the light, she felt exhilarated. She felt the silver cord that bound her to life on Earth disappear. She knew that once that cord was cut, she could not go back. She would be able to visit only in spirit form, but that didn’t bother her. She was filled with a love, peace, and joy far beyond any she remembered or had ever felt on Earth. She was ready for whatever came next. She had no fear though she did not have any remembrance of being there before. Not yet anyway, she thought. She felt she would understand in time. Angie saw those who had passed before her reaching out and encouraging her to come to them. She saw her dear, sweet mother; the hard worker everyone had loved and called Mom. Angie always felt so fortunate to have had her as her earthly mom. And there was her dad, who had taught his princess so much including loving, caring principles to live by.


​​Patty Callahan

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When Angie’s car leaves the roadway, flips over, and hits a tree on a beautiful sunny day, it’s her time to leave the earthly world to fulfill her calling in the spirt world. She’s not alone; she has the archangels to guide her. In Angle Blessings: Believe, author Patty Callahan shares Angie’s fictional story that addresses a number of questions about life and after, such as the following: —What happens when you leave this earth? —Will you see a bright light? —Who will you meet? —What it is like on the other side? —Will your kindred spirit be there, waiting for you? —Will your deceased loved ones be waiting too? — Will you see your beloved pets again. - Would you like to communicate with your guardian angels and archangels right now? —What are the specialties of the archangels? —Is there hope for the planet earth? Written under the guidance of archangel Gabriel, Angel Blessings: Believe introduces fifteen colorful archangels and shares an inspirational journey to heaven and back.