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Angel Blessings Believe

​     by Patty Callahan

 A novel filled with angels, archangels

   and the future of planet earth.

Angel Blessings has it's own web site.

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Take time:

 Take time to enjoy  the flowers. 

 Take time to talk with your angels. 

 They are always standing by your side.

 You don't have to kneel.

 Talk to them wherever you are.  

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How to talk to our angels. 

Angels are messengers from Heaven

 Do not pray to Angels.

 Pray to the Creator

 Ask angels for help. Request - don't pray.

 Finalize your request with a prayer to the            creator or deity of your belief. 

 Angels are standing by waiting for you to ask.

 If you don't know which Archangel to reach       out to, send me an email:


​​Patty Callahan